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Strengthening – Discipleship level 1


Level One begins with our one day Foundational Roots Seminar.  This seminar has been designed to strengthen and ground you in your spiritual identity according to God’s word.  Whether you have been a Christian for several years or you have been just introduced to the Christian faith, everyone will benefit.  This is a pre-requisite to the 3 week (4 Sundays) Level 1 course.  Level 1 is designed to strengthen you in God and get you into spiritual SHAPE.

Healing – Discipleship level 2


Level two is  a six weeks class (Seven Sundays).  Over the 6 weeks, you’ll be learning how God uniquely designed you as a complex person with many intricacies.  Then we will address the shattering relational effects of sin to the human soul and Jesus’ identification to your inner pain.  Finally, we will discuss the way to experience inner healing and emotional health.