Can you feel the shift? Beyond the sounds of fear and despair, if we would listen to God’s voice, He is declaring this a kairos moment. He is resetting the Church because He wants to pour out His glory. In a moment where there is so much fear being spoken will you choose faith, and partner with us in daily prayer?

Today’s powerful devotional on breaking agreement with the spirit of Fear comes from Newlife Director & Director of Encounter School of Discipleship Heather Hetzendorfer.

“For God does not give a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and sound mind.” – 2 Tim 1:7 

Fear is a spirit.
And it must be dealt with on a daily basis.

In this season, do you have fear?  Or do you feel power to change, to love others, and to live at peace in your mind that HOPE is in you?

How do I know if it’s a spirit of fear, or just a moment or feeling of fear?  Well, does it grow and feel out of control?  Is it a pattern in your life?  This could be the sign that it’s a rooted spirit of fear.  And the good news is, if it’s a spirit of fear, it can be demolished!

If you are living in fear now, don’t condemn yourself, BUT choose to not allow fear to operate in your life anymore.  I wake up daily and assess “how I feel” and then turn on worship music, go to my prayer corner in my room, and spend time laying everything down at His feet and taking up His peace and joy.  STAY in His presence until you feel the spirit bow to the name of Jesus.

But sometimes Fear just doesn’t disappear with general prayers.  So, how do you do this?

I teach this my Spiritual Warfare class:

1.  Take time to think and ask the Holy Spirit what situation, or negative experience opened the door to begin the root of Fear entering you or your home.  How deep is your fear?  Maybe you can remember a time when you were a child when an accident happened or a tragic event occurred?  Did the root of Fear begin then? Do you not remember one single event this root could have begun, so maybe its a pattern in your past or generational family?   Or maybe the root started now, during this epidemic of fear of sickness and death.  However it started…

2.  Repent for partnering with the Spirit of Fear, in whatever traumatic moment or event that took place that you gave it permission to enter you or your home.  This could sound like, “Jesus, I repent for partnering with Fear instead of running to you when X happened to me.”

3.  Rebuke the Spirit of Fear.  Now that you have repented from partnering with it, you have authority to now COMMAND it to leave you or your home.  When you rebuke it, the door of Fear will shut.  The Word is a sword (Heb 4:12/ Eph 6:17).  Declare scripture OUT LOUD against the fear that tempts you and declare it into the supernatural realm, and this sword (the scripture) pierces the spirit of fear and it will die and leave you.

4.  Choose not to re-open the door.   Now, you control this door to remain shut, but you also have your own free will to re-open it.  Choose to run to the Lord to prevent from partnering with fear again.  How do you run to Him?  Turn on worship music in your home, declare scripture out loud until it shifts.  My favorite scripture to declare out loud is, “Greater is He who is in you than He who is in the world” 1 John 4:4.

Create an atmosphere of worship and praise in your home during these rare days of being locked in your home!  Fear cannot operate where truth and light is present.  We are told to Arise and Shine for His light has come (Isa 60:1).  His light is IN YOU, but He asks us to arise, to stand up and worship to shine to this world that we carry His hope, and not fear!