Check out Pastor Jason Surrell’s devotional for “Newlife in the Word: Book of Acts.” Today’s devotional comes from Acts chapter 15. Pastor Jason brings clarity and walks us though the powerful things Peter says in this chapter about being saved through faith.

“You and I, there’s no difference between us in the eyes of God. He loves us the same, he cares for us the same.”

We’re in an hour where God wants to move in power! Join us as we press into what we can learn from the Book of Acts – catch our devotionals here on our blog on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And remember Wednesdays will be our all new, longer, in-depth “WEDNESDAY WORD’. We’re so excited to see how God will move as we go through this powerful book together.

Don’t miss today’s devotional as Pastor Jason shares from Chapter 15 of Newlife in the Word : The Book of Acts