Check out Christy Eskes’ devotional for “Newlife in the Word: The Prophets.” Today, we’re in Obadiah and Micah. Christy shares the powerful messages that are in these two books. In Obadiah, Christy reminds us that the kingdom is God’s and that we need to put all our hope and trust in the Lord, not a candidate or any person in office. In Micah, Christy shares God’s heart- that he wants us to be his people and to give him our hearts – not just spiritual rituals or sacrifices.  Let’s all keep going strong on our 40 Days of Fasting and Prayer!

We’re in an hour where God wants to move in power! Join us as we press into what we can learn from the Prophets! We’ll be posting a new devo on Wednesdays on instagram and on Facebook! We’re so excited to see how God will move as we go through these powerful books together.

Don’t miss today’s devotional from our new devotional series “The Prophets”