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Our Values

Newlife is built on five core values.


We’re real, open and honest with each other, ourselves and with Jesus. We’re transparent about our shortcomings, and aren’t afraid to accept help and healing. We wholeheartedly pursue truth through God’s Word.


We desire closeness with Jesus and with each other. We don’t do life alone but in community with others and in step with the Holy Spirit. We connect with the heart of the Father through both corporate & personal prayer and worship.


We know that a life with Jesus is one of growth; an encounter with Jesus should change us. We grow personally as disciples of Christ, becoming emotionally healthy, and we seek to contribute to the growth of His church.


We experience freedom in body, soul and spirit by being open to the Holy Spirit, going where He leads and listening to Him speak.


We have a forward facing perspective, expectant for God to do a new thing. We have hope in God for our current circumstances, but also in an eternal life promised through Christ. We live each day knowing that our actions impact eternity.

Our Mission

Defining a mission is defining a purpose. These are the reasons Newlife exists today.

To pursue Christ and everyday become more like him

To disciple others by teaching, mentoring, caring and praying for each other

To become emotionally healthy by facing and resolving issues from our past

To cultivate a community that regularly meets to love and encourage each other through life

To meet the needs of our community, physically, emotionally and spiritually

To grow the church by contributing using our gifts and abilities

To mentor and empower a young generation of believers

To be examples of Christ, known as a positive force for good in the Greater Pomona Valley

About Foursquare

Newlife is part of The Foursquare Church - a movement of over 90,000 churches worldwide.

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