Building a place for Him to dwell.

The longing of God’s heart is to dwell with us.

Which is why we are building spaces for Him to be able to dwell with His people, the community and ultimately the nations.

How God is encountering hearts

at Newlife.

People regularly attend Newlife (approx.)

People attend Midweek Prayer & Worship

People have attended a Discipleship Essentials class.

Missionaries supported in Belize, Japan & UK.

…And in the Community.

Pounds of food given away in 2020.

Boxes of food given to the elderly in 2020.

Families received food in 2020.

Diapers donated to local families in 2020.

ABOVE-BEYOND is more than a building campaign.

In 2019 you raised $329,956.07 towards building this goal. We’re so thankful for everyone who is partnering together both in prayer and financially.

Through COVID curveballs, and unexpected changes, watch this update from Pastor Heather on what we’ve done so far.


The three phases of ABOVE-BEYOND.


The Newlife Food Bank has gone from serving an average of 300 families per week, to consistently in excess of 800 families per week in 2021.

Currently the Food bank operates from our main Church building – which has proved a challenge. We desperately need a purpose built, standalone building, that will allow the Food Bank to operate independently of Church hours, reduce wear and tear, and improve productivity with a dedicated space.


Our church should feel like home for all of us, whether we’re brand new or we’ve been around since the start. These updates will be something we can be proud of, a space that perfectly creates a place for each ministry to serve at their best.

Updates include:
• Additional security system upgrades
• Refurbishing the parking lot
• Renovating the kids and nursery, youth, banquet hall and foyer.


Our South Campus, in the heart of Pomona, was the very first church Aimee Semple McPherson planted in the 1920s. The Church was given to us a few years ago and, aside from our Encounter students that live there during the year, the building has remained inactive.

Part of our vision for Newlife is to launch extension services from South Campus in both English and Spanish. The updates will be large in scope, and will address foundational issues that currently prevent us from making full use of this facility.

Hear what God

is doing in the

lives of some of

our Newlife



Sydney’s Story

Heather A’s Story

Caleb’s Story

This year’s goal is to raise $300,000 towards a dedicated building for the Newlife Food Bank.


Each week we serve an average of 800 families from the local community. Currently pallets of food are kept in our Church foyer every week.

Our goal is to build a space that will allow us to continue to meet the needs of the community in a purpose built building.


Join us on October 10th for COMMITMENT SUNDAY

Join us in person or online, on October 10th for COMMITMENT SUNDAY where you’ll have the opportunity to pledge to give. You can give a lump sum or pledge to give throughout the year.

Would you pray and ask the Lord what pledge He’s asking you to give this year?

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