Have you ever felt disconnected from the love of the Father? Are you hungry for more but not sure how to walk in it? Identity and Healing are specifically designed to help you live in your true position as a child of God – free to love and be loved by Him.

To set you up for success we want to make sure you understand the requirement before you sign up for this course. These classes aren’t casual Bible studies, instead they are a challenging training experiences, designed to change your life and help you grow in relationship with the Father.

As a result they require whole hearted and intentional commitment. Therefore we would ask you to please pray about these components prior to enrolling. Your enrollment assumes that you are 100% willing and able to commit to the course requirements.

Course Requirements & Expectations

  1. Attend all classes. Each class builds on the previous week’s teaching. Therefore failure to attend one class can result in dismissal except for 911 emergencies. Missing two classes will result in dismissal.
  1. Weekly Commitment. In addition to classes, exercises are fundamental in helping you apply teaching to your own life in practical ways. The average daily time that your commitment requires is about 75 minutes. There are ten daily exercises and five weekly training exercises to complete. Additionally, each week, there is a 30 minute phone call with your coach that will review your progress. Students cannot pick and choose training exercises to engage. All the exercises are to be completed weekly during the course training period. At the start of each class, your Coach will review with you, your progress in the class journal book. The expectation is 100% engagement and completion of the exercises.
  1. No Childcare. There is no childcare provided during the class session. Please attend class without children so that you can focus on the instruction God has for you.
  1. Classes. Each class is approximately two hours in length and punctuality is required. Class instruction starts promptly at 7:00 pm and ends about 9:00 pm (please note classes may run slightly later). 
  1. Exercises. Central to this class is a commitment to serve the Body. You are required to choose from a list of ministries where to serve weekly according to the time needs of the specific ministry. Punctuality is again required. Students are required to serve for three weeks during the class which will be assigned to them. Please note that it is not possible to select the dates to serve, provisions will be made with departments for specific dates to be assigned.

6. Healing. To sign up for Healing you are required to have completed Identity first.  

Before selecting the payment link for the class tuition, please acknowledge within the box by selecting yes that you agree to these class expectations. By selecting yes, you are in agreement with the training exercise expectations, serving component, and the time requirement that the class requires daily. You also agree to be punctual in serving as well as in attendance with each class.

I am willing & able to commit to all of the above requirements


Discover your Identity in Christ and the Healing to live in it

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