We take your health and safety very seriously.

At Newlife Pomona, keeping all of our Church family safe is one of our highest priorities. As such over the past year, in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our focus has been to seek God’s heart, act in wisdom and comply with legal Government requirements in accordance with the Bible (Mark 12:17, Romans 13:1-2).

On April 9th, 2021, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that California’s restrictions on in-home Bible Studies and other religious gatherings was unconstitutional, reversing the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmation of such restrictions.  As a result of this order, the California Department of Public Health updated their guidance to allow such gatherings. In their words, “In response to recent judicial rulings, effective immediately, location and capacity limits on places of worship are not mandatory.”


In light of this new guidance, Newlife Pomona will be making the following adjustments to our COVID Protocols effective Friday, April 30th 2021 with the start of the Encounter God Conference: Welcome to the New. We also affirm that certain protocols will remain in place in order to ensure as safe an atmosphere as possible for our Newlife family, staff and visitors.
Protocols that will remain in place in full or with modifications:

* Individuals who have been diagnosed with COVID, have been exposed to someone with COVID, or have certain symptoms (coughing, fever, loss of taste/smell, etc.) will be required to remain at home
* Enhanced cleaning procedures – disinfecting of gathering areas in between services, weekly cleaning of the entire church and offices, and regular steam cleaning of all carpeted areas, including Sanctuary chairs
* Hand sanitizing stations and hand pumps will remain readily accessible in all areas
* Tithe and offering will remain “contactless” with lockboxes stationed inside the Sanctuary and online giving always available
* Cafe Members will continue to wear masks as they will be handling food products for public consumption.
Protocols that will be ending:

* Temperature taking of all individuals have already ended, but any who may be suspected of having a temperature may be checked for the health and safety of the group
* Mask wearing will become optional – individuals may decide if they would like to wear a mask or not based on their own judgment, conscience and medical history.  Masks will be available upon request for any who do not have one but would like one. If you would like to receive prayer but would prefer for the Prayer Team member partnering with you to wear a mask, please still come up for prayer. If a team member notices you wearing a mask they will be encouraged to ask if you would like them to wear a mask also.
* Social Distancing of chairs – we will be setting up chairs in the Sanctuary to maximize seating for our congregants.  Individuals who prefer to worship in a setting with distancing are welcome to consider sitting outside or can also enjoy service from home on Livestream during our 11:15am Sunday Service or Thursday 7pm Midweek Service.
* Restroom restrictions to emergency use only will be lifted so individuals may use at any time.
* One way entrance and exit flow traffic patterns will be removed; individuals will enter through the Foyer into the Sanctuary but may exit through any exit doors, including going back through the foyer to use the restroom, going to the Café, or upstairs to pick up their children.
* The Café will reopen and will begin offering drinks and pre-packed goods to congregants.  However, tables and chairs will be spaced out to allow for distancing and stickers will remain on the floors to help with the line.

We appreciate your grace and prayers, as we navigate this unprecedented season.

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