Dear Church.

Newlife has experienced incredible growth in recent seasons. More than ever before, people from our community are engaged across all areas of our church and our team is energized and unified by the testimonies of answered prayers, healings, and breakthroughs every week.

As we look to the future, we know that God’s calling on this church remains as significant as ever—to Encounter God and Change Lives. This can only be achieved as a family partnered together in faith.

We recognize that each of you have been a faithful and fruitful part of our Newlife family, and we want to thank you for your commitment to the call on this church. This booklet is our way of sharing the plans for future renovations and additions to our church facility. On October 6th you will have an opportunity to partner with us financially as we step out together in faith.

Above—Beyond is more than a fundraising campaign. While the outcome will be much needed renovations to our church facilities, the faith journey we’re embarking on together will grow and shape us spiritually. By working together we will see God do miracles of provision in our lives, but more importantly, our hearts will grow in faith and trust in Him.

We are excited for what God is doing in our Newlife family and to hear stories from the people who will be touched thanks to your generosity.

Thank you for going ABOVE—BEYOND with us!

Phase 1 Update

Thank you so much for your support! Some of our Team wanted to put together a little update for you on the exciting things happening at Newlife!

Stay tuned for updates on Phase 2 launching in October.

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