Going through Discipleship Essentials was revolutionary for me. The classes were packed with liberating information and the weekly assignments served as a way to freshly reconnect with God on the ground level. As I spent more intimate time with Him and connected with the world around me, I began to see how dry my relationship with God and others had become.

When we combine our pursuit of God with the demands of daily life and family commitments,it is easy to fall into a routine. Eventually, our relationship with the Lord grows stale as we go through the motions. Our approach to spending time with Him becomes a “to-do” item on our agenda, rather than an inward desire that we must satisfy. These courses are a launching point to a deeper and fuller relationship with Christ and with the people that God has placed aroundus.

I could not imagine my life without experiencing what these courses have to offer.

Looking back, I can see what a major role my coach played every step of the way. In each class students are assigned a coach to travel with them through the process, and I am especially thankful to the coaches who guided me along the path. Their constant encouragement and warmth motivated me to keep moving forward towards the finish line and frankly I could not have done it without them.

Once I completed the classes, I was so excited about these that I decided to become a coach. I quickly learned that there is no substitute for being a coach. Helping and traveling with others as they took the journey elevated this experience to another level. What I had learned, began to expand and have a deeper impact in my life. I would highly encourage past students to consider being a coach, it is both enriching and rewarding.

In the last couple of years, these courses have evolved and have been updated through the continuous feedback that students have given after completing the class. I am excited to be co-leading this ministry with the master navigator, Robert Jordan. Together we are very excited to see new students take the plunge and warmly encourage past students to refresh themselves as coaches or students once again.

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