Kayla's Story

I have been a Christian my whole life but never really had a connection with God. The most I would do is attend church on Sunday mornings and pray to Him occasionally. It felt like a weird relationship because I didn't understand who He was and who I was in Christ.

During the Identity class, I came to full realization of why He sent His son to the cross to die for us. I felt something click in my mind and finally understood the significance of the cross. That allowed me to learn about my spiritual identity and how God sees me according to His words.

I was nervous leading up to the Healing class because dealing with emotional past experiences can be challenging. With the grace of God, I was able to let go and not stress about certain memories and come to closure by forgiving people and moving forward.

Doing this program has changed my mindset and although I have completed it, I continue to do the exercises daily and dedicate time in my day to talk to God. God wants us to be spiritually healthy and connected with Him. I highly encourage Discipleship Essentials to build a deeper connection with yourself, your spiritual identity, and with God.

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