Thiago's Story

Discipleship Essentials has been a very important step in my life. It opened a door that helped me discover my true identity, taught me good habits and continues to guide me in keeping my mind and walk with God healthy. Through this experience, I've come to the understanding that mindset and perception of "self" truly make us or breaks us.

Personally, I lived in a lot of guilt and shame and all my thoughts were filtered by my natural negative mindset, which would constantly point out my failures and how far I was from pleasing God. I would often ask myself "am I still saved?”, “can God forgive me after what I just did?”, “does God even want me?” It was an everyday battle in my mind before my spiritual identity was revealed to me.

Through Discipleship Essentials and the help of the coaches I was able to find answers to all of the questions that had been weighing me down.

The Bible tells us that God's people perish because of the lack of understanding, and that is so true! I was perishing by the way I viewed myself, the way I processed life, and my feelings. I just could not understand how God truly valued me. Knowledge of my spiritual identity is what I lacked—its what I needed to learn for my thoughts and beliefs to change. And now I have an understanding of who I truly am: a child of God!

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