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Hope Has A Name

Who is our hope? And what do we have hope for? Find the answer to these questions in our Christmas series.


All In

What does it take to go all in? Find out in this series about being connected in the right places.


This Is Newlife

It's a new season for Newlife - hear Pastor Craig's heart for the direction we're heading.


Changing Seasons

How do we prepare our hearts for God to pour out new wine in a new season?


Sounds From Heaven: A Worship Series

We explore what it means to be a true worshiper - one that worships in spirit and truth.


The Summer Break

It's summer time, so let's dial it down and take it easy.


Highs & Lows

We explore the story of Joseph, and see how God uses the highs & lows of life to teach us



Did you know that there are health benefits to forgiveness? We learn what it means to truly forgive, and why it's important for us.

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