Robert Jordan

Co-Director of Tuesday Night Adult Education and Discipleship

Robert Jordan is the co-director of the Tuesday Night Adult Education and Discipleship ministry at Newlife. He has always loved serving as a teacher in ministries that build Spiritual maturity in either new believers or the very mature believer.  In 2014 he enrolled in his first Identity class and later the Healing class, under Pastor Billy Doray, the creator of the Identity and Healing Discipleship Essentials classes. He became a coach and loved the experience of navigating the process of discipleship growth with men of all faith maturities. There are numerous Tuesday night classes available aside from the Discipleship Essentials content.  From classes that build your faith, to the very practical kind of classes to help with everyday needs, the Tuesday Night ministry is growing and building.  He loves meeting new students and encouraging them on their journey of growth in Christ.

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