Want to go deeper, but not sure where to start?

Each week Robert Jordan, Co-Director of Tuesday Night Adult Education and Discipleship, writes a sermon summary with thought-provoking questions to help you engage with the Word on a deeper level. 

Extravagant Devotion: What stops me hearing from God? | Pastor Zamar Alkiezar | Sunday September 12th 2021

Today’s focus in our series developing an Extravagant Devotional lifestyle continued the call to the most important component in an extravagant devotional life.  The valuable element everyone has is TIME!  Pastor Jason opened the worship service with a self reflective question. “What are you holding onto for satisfaction in life?  The lures of the world or God?  Pastor Zamar focused on this question in his teaching time.

Cultivating a life of Extravagant Devotion | Christy Eskes | Sunday September 5th 2021

Our Church Worship Director, Christy Eskes, shared on the practical aspects of cultivating a lifestyle of worship. She broke down some practical techniques believers can incorporate into their daily life to build a stronger dwelling place for Jesus.

Just as a master gardener devotes time to cultivating the soil, seeding the soil, and watering the seeds, which takes time, we are encouraged to apply the same principles to our Extravagant Devotion toward the King Jesus.

Extravagant Devotion.| Pastor Craig Lawrence | Sunday July 29th 2021

Today’s teaching invites us to meditate on cultivating a deeper devotional life with Jesus. 

In the Gospel of John Pastor Craig encouraged us to become a deeper, more intimate worshipper in Spirit and Truth with Jesus. 

Throughout today’s teaching we’re asked the question, where’s your heart with Jesus?




Extravagant Worship | Cheryl Allen, Director of Pasadena House of Prayer| Sunday September 5th 2021

This is the first message of our new Sermon Series entitled ‘Extravagant Devotion’.  The new series emphasizes devotion that pleases the Father.  The series focuses on living a life of depth with the Father which goes beyond religious duty. 

Today’s teaching focuses on the attributes of God and His love of our devotion and time spent with Him.  Our guest teacher today to kick off the series is Cheryl Allen, the founder and executive director of the Pasadena International House of Prayer (PIHOP).